My Research

My main research interests lie in behavioral economics and the application of experimental methods (lab, online, field) with a particular focus on behavioral implications for policy making and organizational settings. I also conduct applied and empirical research on primary and secondary data.

Experimental Economics

Public Economics and Public Policy

Behavioral Organizations and Behavioral Management


I primarily conduct incentivized randomized control trials (economic experiments) to generate new insights. In that regard, I flexibly apply either laboratory, online, or field experimental methods, so as to best capture the essence of the underlying research question in a wide range of institutional settings. Examples for the different experimental tools include:

Online Experiments (including lab/online hybrids)

Field Experiments

Thought experiments (situational stated response surveys)

A full listing of my work can be found under publications.


Besides other things, I am particularly interested in research on topics with a connection to public policy, broadly defined. My research currently ranges from papers on measures to improve the perceived fairness of taxation, how to increase social mobility or how to reduce dropouts from higher education.

Social Mobility

  • Meritocracy and social mobility

Environmental policy

  • Estimating the price elasticity of fuel demand with stated preferences derived from a situational approach
  • Choosing between technological options in climate policy: Pitfalls in assessing their effciency
  • Input-output-analysis as a holistic approach to evaluate and rank energy
    policy actions

A full listing of my work related to public economics and public policy can be found under publications.


I am also interested in shedding light on the effects of behavioral dimensions in organizational contexts. I am particularly enthusiastic about investigating the impact of different informational settings in a variety of institutional enrivonments such as collaborators at the workplace. In other projects I investigate how payoff relevant information can most effectively be transmitted to tax payers.

A full listing of my work related to behavioral management can be found under publications.